An experiential project created in response to our sterile relationship with media in the digital age.

As technology advances we start loosing the social component of people coming together in a room for conversation, listening to new music, sharing the story of a book. The sensorial, especially the tactile perception of the world, gets lost without us being aware of the loss. The rough texture of paper pulp, the weight of a book, the art of a record album, the tracks on the vinyl, the passage of time on a photograph... everything has been reduced to individual experiences, seen through a screen or heard on headphones.

In an intent to revive the social spirit and liveliness of people gathering in a room, Vinyl Social Lounge would transform different venues into a space for social encounters, exchanges and interactions around turntables, books and film photography.

The created lounge room will facilitate the engagement of the visitors in a social, tactile, and audible experience of the space, where a turntable will be spinning, film photographs taken and a "touchable" vinyl record site-specific installation (2000 records) will surround the environment. This space is thought as a live, growing, and mutating intervention.

Several engaging, creative and thought-provoking programs are an essential part of this installation. Vinyl Social is activated by the audience who will find not only the space and inspiration, but new and old resources, to learn, laugh, create, and experience. The community comes together through interdisciplinary activities for all ages that will impact the space.

•Open turntables for the community – Vinyl Club
•Hybrid Immigrant sounds on wax
•Intergenerational Storytelling around the turntable
•Cover Record Design
•DJ classes for kids Spinnerz