Immigrants are Essential

Immigrant Labor Day Action

New York City workers and communities are weathering the impacts of a public health and economic crisis of unprecedented magnitude in U.S. history of the past 100 years. Immigrant workers in Staten Island, often ignored by the media, have endured some of the most severe economic and public health impacts of COVID-19. The Worker Institute at Cornell conducted a survey that resulted in a report, that emphasizes that New York City has relied on immigrant workers as a key part of the economy and as essential workers during the pandemic.

Artist Sol Aramendi co-author of the economic report, and long term collaborator of La Colmena engaged at the Worker Center during Covid for the creation of an event to amplify the findings of the economic report.

“This study elevates the workers’ voice in the discussion about the need to provide protections for workers and communities that have been excluded from the social safety net and from current government relief packages,”  said Sol Aramendi, report co-author, The Worker Institute, Cornell ILR and Project Luz. “The report offers the before and after pictures of the socio-economic conditions of working class immigrants in Staten Island, highlighting their historical challenges and how these just got worse with this crisis.”

The engagement culminated in a public event, in Staten Island shore, with a mass projection, worker testimonies and demonstration. Check the video below.